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Coaching assists leaders, managers and supervisors to work through resistance, fears and doubts and to convert these into healthy team work in order to achieve best performance. When attempting to achieve a new or currently unexplored vision, for example, you will likely have noticed some resistance or conflict possibly in yourself but very likely some passive-resistance or overt resistance from your people. This is very common during the initial attempts at change and typically this is where the failure and setbacks occur. This is the stage where the vision of what is possible can be lost. Where team morale drops, it easily becomes a downward spiral and very hard to reverse and persevere.

Joanne works with leaders to develop their own self-mastery, incorporating Emotional Intelligence profiling and coaching, and includes stress management, self-knowledge, and neurofeedback methods for accelerating long-term improvement.

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Performance & Team Coaching

Performance coaching vastly increases your own ability to work on your performance goals whenever you need to. Performance Coaching coupled with some of the most innovative feedback methods provides access to faster routes for making profound changes in one's own performance, be it personal or professional. If you are thinking "this stuff is for people with problems" it is important to realise that performance coaching is commonly practised by highly successful peoole such as top professional athletes and executives for instance, in order to address self-limiting beliefs, behaviours or responses, learning further adaptations and improvement as quickly as necessary. This approach includes current cognitive behavioural methods for overcoming anxiety, enhancing focus and motivation, and producing new, unexplored learning.

Team coaching has the potential to create high performing teams. As we often see in sport, teams can be comprised of high-achievers and yet still perform poorly. We work with our clients to assist them in developing a methodology for coaching their staff for higher performance as well as morale; as well as developing the coaching skills within the organisation as a management core competency.

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